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"THANKYOU so much!

Just wanted to let you know, we were in Norfolk last weekend and I bought a bag of granola from a lovely deli.  I WOULD SAFELY SAY ITS THE BEST GRANOLA we have ever had.  Being gluten intolerant used to limit us, however we have now found your wonderful product. It's fantastic!! We have tried so many different types of granola, but yours is just amazing. The fact that it's do crunchy and tasty makes it soo moreish!! The kids are right into it also!!

Thanks for making such a great product.

Our breakfast time has become fun again!

Keep up the good work"


Hi, I bought some of your Bircher Muesli at North Creake Farmers Market when I was visiting the area in April.  It's the nicest I've ever tasted and I am wanting to order more from your website.

Susan Hawken  Aapril 2016 AND COHiMMENTS

"Hi there,

I just wanted to say how delicious your gluten free granola is. We got a little Norfolk hamper made by my mum for Christmas containing a packet or your granola and we can’t get enough. Sadly I live in France and can’t just pop down and refill.  Any chance you ship to France? Thanks"


Gluten Free: March 2014

Gluten free: February 2014

Banana and Pumpkin Seed: October 2015


"After talking to you at the Aldeburgh Food Festival I tried this. I have been looking for a really low sugar granola for ages. This is brilliant - congratulations"

Chris M.


I think this is your best yet. I like the low sugar, and the taste is really delicious. Thanks so much. Your tip at Creake Abbey to serve with natural yogurt is a huge hit with my family. Thanks"  Charlotte J


Hi, I came across your excellent granola at the Balgove Farm Shop in St Andrews. My family is now hooked on it. Do you have any stockists in Bristol? Thanks

Sarah G

Great Taste Awards 2015

July 2015. Just heard we have won in this year's Great Taste Awards for both the Bircher Muesli and the Banana, Pumpkin seed and Almond Granola. That makes 14 different GT awards since 2009!

After a recent trip to Norfolk my husband is now hooked on your original granola - can we purchase 10 bags please and do you have any stockists in Sheffield?

Emily Adwan  April 2016